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Are you searching for the best, most experienced conveyancers Brisbane QLD has to offer? Well, you’ve come to the right place; Entry Conveyancing is the Brisbane conveyancing company locals can count on to deliver cost-effective, seamless solutions every single time. Whether it’s your first time entering the residential property market, you’re an experienced investment property investor or simply need to transfer ownership, you’ll need the Brisbane conveyancing services of an efficient, transparent, and knowledgeable conveyancer in Brisbane with a strong understanding of how the QLD state legal system operates.

At Entry Conveyancing, our Brisbane conveyancing team remove stress from every level of the property ownership process, ensuring that all legal responsibilities and regulations are met without fuss or fluff. We’ll handle all conveyancing in Brisbane administration requirements, including the drafting of contracts and settlement negotiations to ensure that you’re not overwhelmed by deadlines or failing to meet the necessary obligations.

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Our professional fees for buying and selling are $995 incl. GST (fixed) + disbursements costs. For transfers is $660 incl. GST + disbursements costs. Get an instant free quote below and find out the disbursements costs. You’ll be surprised by our affordable fees.

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Property conveyancing Brisbane made easy.

Why choose us to be your property conveyancers Brisbane?

We guarantee transparency & trustworthiness

When it comes to assessing problems and identifying solutions, our Brisbane conveyancing team won’t just tell you what you want to hear, we’ll offer our sincere opinion so that you can make informed decisions for your property purchase or sale. We treat our client relationships like partnerships; we’re in this together, every step of the way. If something happens along the way that may affect you, you’ll hear from us instantly. We’re committed to ensuring the best client experience possible.

Unmatched insight into the property market

When it comes to assessing problems and identifying solutions, our Brisbane conveyancing team won’t just tell you what you want to hear, we’ll offer our sincere opinion so that you can make informed decisions for your property purchase or sale. We treat our client relationships like partnerships; we’re in this together, every step of the way. If something happens along the way that may affect you, you’ll hear from us instantly. We’re committed to ensuring the best client experience possible.

A personalised service

We understand just how hard it can be to navigate the emotional challenges of moving property or transferring ownership, not to mention the stresses involved in submitting bids or attending auctions. Given the considerable financial outlay involved in buying or selling property, as well as the sentimental value attached to your property, our conveyancers Brisbane can guarantee empathy. Our Brisbane conveyancing team emphasise understanding your specific wants and needs to ensure you’re comfortable with the entire process.

Fixed-fee price structure

As the leading conveyancing company in Brissy, our conveyancing services are structured on a fixed-fee basis; there’s no hidden conveyancing cost or extra fees. When you engage a conveyancing solicitor from our team, what you see is what you get. Plan your financials for the future with confidence, knowing that the rates attached to your conveyancing service remain the same throughout the conveyancing process as initially quoted.

Time-efficient & diligent

At Entry Conveyancing, we’re diligent and prompt; you won’t be waiting weeks and weeks for your money to come through. Your settlements won’t be delayed. Your legal documents will be delivered on time, mostly much before the deadline. We’re experienced, professional conveyancers that Brisbane locals can trust. Quality service and quality experience. 

Experience & commitment

Our experienced conveyancing solicitor Brisbane team are experienced and committed to their profession. We’ve developed a strong, layered understanding of Brisbane property law and the legal processes surrounding property transfer of ownership over the last couple of decades to keep our service the premium conveyancing service in Brisbane. Over the years, we’ve built a unique, progressive team that is dedicated to delivering client satisfaction every single time. You won’t find legal expertise like this with any other conveyancer Brisbane.

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With just a few simple details, we’ll be able to deliver personalised advice on your Brisbane property.
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When you enlist the services of the conveyancing solicitors Brisbane locals trust, you’ll be able to focus on all the other important, time-consuming tasks involving buying or selling, or transferring ownership of Brisbane property like packing belongings and organising removalists. Experience peace of mind with Entry Conveyancing – get a free consultation today with our experienced conveyancing solicitor team!

Frequently Asked Questions

If I sell my house without the intervention of a real estate agent, do I still need a conveyancer?

Yes. Property cannot be listed on the market or advertised before a proposed contract for sale has been prepared. Anyone who makes an enquiry or offers a property in Brisbane QLD is entitled to ask for a proposed contract for property sale. Failure to do so can result in fines.

To draw up a proposed contract for sale, you’ll need to enlist the services of a conveyancer. We can help you prepare a contract for sale and deliver much advice regarding the other aspects of the process, pre-completion, and post-completion measures. You won’t have to worry about legal jargon or little details – we’ll take care of everything and keep you informed every step of the way.

Call us today on 1800 518 187 for a free consultation on conveyancing in Brisbane and a quote from our experienced property lawyers and conveyancers.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancers are licensed professionals who deliver expert advice and knowledge regarding property transfers from one party to another. Whether you’re an investment property owner or this is your first residential or commercial property purchase, it pays to understand the process of residential or commercial conveyancing and work with a professional. A typical conveyancing transaction goes through two main phases: the exchange of contracts and completion. Our conveyancers work with you to assist in the sale, purchase, transfer, and lease of both commercial and residential properties.

When should I engage a conveyancer for property transactions?

As soon as you’ve decided to buy, sell, or property transfer in Brisbane QLD, you should contact conveyancing solicitors immediately to set up a ‘pre-purchase contract review’. Like anything, the quicker you start, the easier the conveyancing process will be for you. It’ll also make the conveyancers’ life easier, as they have much more time to work on and prepare any necessary legal documentation.

What is the difference between conveyancers and lawyers?

It’s easy to get confused by the difference between conveyancers and lawyers who operate from a law firm. While both occupations are qualified to act for you in a property conveyancing Brisbane transaction, there are differences in what a general solicitor from a general law firm will do and how a conveyancer can help.

Conveyancers are licensed to operate in only one aspect of property law: conveyancing. As such, it is common that conveyancers possess much more specialised skills, given it’s the only thing they focus on. There’s also less chance of a conveyancer being out of the office or in the courts dealing with other issues. Conveyancers are only responsible for making sure you meet every legal obligation involved in your property transaction.

In contrast to (property) lawyers, conveyancers cannot advise on areas of the law or offer legal services outside of conveyancing in Brisbane. If you need general services or advice, conveyancers will refer you to a qualified lawyer. Lawyers are trained to advise clients on their legal rights and obligations and represent them in the courts across various issues.

The best course of action? Work with a conveyancer solicitor or a team of experienced property conveyancing lawyers Brisbane who regularly deal in conveyancing matters. Have all of the legal expertise of property lawyers, with the specialised knowledge of someone that specialises in conveyancing services in Brisbane.

What is stamp duty, and do I need to pay it?

Stamp duty is a tax imposed by your state government upon the purchase of a property or property transaction. Whilst both parties are liable, the terms of a standard sale contract place liability on the buyer. The amount payable is determined by the purchase price of the property.

Different states in Australia have differing rates. The payment deadline also varies from state to state.

In Brisbane, stamp duty is $17,325 plus $4.50 for each $100, or part of $100, over $540,000.

For homes worth over $1,000,000, the tax is $38,025 plus $5.75 for each $100, or part of $100 over $1,000,000.

How does conveyancing in Brisbane work?

Your conveyancing lawyers in Brisbane from Entry Conveyancing will do everything necessary to ensure you’re prepared for critical dates during the conveyancing process of your property journey, whether it be residential or commercial property. Your typical conveyancing property transactions generally consist of three stages: pre-contract, pre-completion, and post-completion.

Conveyancing involves the following actions:

  • Make sure any agreed-upon conditions within the contract are satisfied
  • Prepare, clarify, and lodge legal documents
  • Conduct property searches, research property background and title certificate
  • Ensuring payment of land tax, water consumption charges etc.
  • Ensuring payment of land tax, water consumption charges etc.
  • Settle the property on your behalf
  • Calculate any adjustments arising from rates or taxes

Our Brisbane conveyancing team takes the guesswork out of transferring, buying, or selling property and is skilled across all aspects of the conveyancing procedure and experienced in filling out the necessary paperwork for finalisation. We offer both residential and commercial conveyancing services, all within fixed price conveyancing. We don’t mark-up search costs, and we’ll be with you every step of the way along your residential and commercial conveyancing property journey. For more information on buying or selling with a conveyancer, contact our Brisbane conveyancing team today.

What happens at settlement?

Property settlement is the legal process necessary for the transfer of ownership from one party to another. Buyers, sellers, conveyancing solicitors, and banks are all involved and will attend settlement.

The length of the settlement process of property transfers varies from state to state and property to property; however, as a rough guide, it typically takes anywhere from 30 to 90 days in Brisbane.

On settlement day, the purchasers’ bank will provide the funds needed to purchase the property to the buyers’ agent or your conveyancing solicitors, and in return, receive the Certificate of Title from the seller’s bank. Keys can then be handed over to the purchaser, provided all other agreements listed in the contracts have been met. From here, the buyer’s bank registers the relevant documentation and mortgage, notifying services such as electricity and water of the change.

What is a cooling-off period, and how long is it?

A cooling-off period is an interval during which both sides of the property transaction can cancel the contract and ‘walk away’ from the purchase without incurring a penalty.

Cooling-off period regulations and length differ from state to state as commercial property law differs. However, in Brisbane, the cooling-off period lasts for five days which begins as soon as the buyer receives a copy of the contract.

In Brisbane, if the buyer decides to exit or cancel their contract within the cooling-off period, the seller may deduct a penalty of up to 0.25% of the purchase price from the deposit, and will have to refund the rest of the deposit within 14 days.

That’s why our conveyancers Brisbane team recommend buyers undergo a comprehensive review of their contract, making sure they’re happy with the terms before the final agreement or the cooling-off period. Commercial and residential conveyancing offers invaluable insight and advice regarding property contracts and final sale actions, allowing you to better navigate the often-complex nature of legal jargon and property contracts.

Should I have the contract and Section 32 checked before I buy?

It is crucial to have your contract and Section 32 checked before you purchase any type of commercial or residential property.

At Entry Conveyancing, our pre-purchase legal advice allows you to navigate the many ups and downs of transferring, busing, or selling property with more confidence. Too many people fail to receive Brisbane conveyancing or legal advice from a qualified professional before purchase, which can unfortunately lead to substantial financial issues later on in life.

If you’re in the early stages of purchasing, selling, or transferring property ownership, your best bet is to work with a conveyancing company in Brisbane that you can trust for the entirety of the conveyancing property transactions. For the most professional service and fixed price conveyancing, contact Entry Conveyancing in Brisbane today.

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