Conveyancing in Western Sydney.

Conveyancing Western Sydney

Western Sydney is the rapidly urbanising area west of Sydney’s Central Business District. Comprising ten local government areas, it is one of the fastest-growing population areas in the country. With people flocking to the Western suburbs for affordable housing, thriving arts and cultural centres, and modernising infrastructure, the region is rife with people purchasing, selling, and transferring property.

About to make a purchase in out West. You’ll need the best conveyancers Western Sydney has to offer – Entry Conveyancing. We’re the leading provider of conveyancing services for anyone looking to buy, sell, or transfer ownership of property across NSW.

The Entry Conveyancing team is ready and willing to help clients every step of the way. An arduous legal requirement, conveyancing requires a keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach. As the conveyancers Western Sydney can rely on, our team will ensure you’re well informed, protected, and completely across all administrative requirements of your property dealings. Western Sydney is an expansive area, boasting various commercial, industrial, and residential property opportunities that Entry Conveyancing can assist with.

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Our professional fees for buying and selling are $995 incl. GST (fixed) + disbursements costs. For transfers is $660 incl. GST + disbursements costs. Get an instant free quote below and find out the disbursements costs. You’ll be surprised by our affordable fees.

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Selling Property in Western Sydney

Before any property can be sold, the seller is responsible for presenting to the buyer a Section 32 Statement prepared by your conveyancer. In this statement, it will set out all relevant information about the property’s title. Leaving this to the team at Entry Conveyancing will ensure every step is covered, and all information that is legally required to be entered is outlined clearly for the buyer of your property in Sydney’s western suburbs.

When it comes to selling your Western Sydney property, a member of the Entry Conveyancing team will organise all appropriate surveys of the land to ensure it is accurately represented. Most importantly, your conveyancer will be a key member of your representation team when it comes to any negotiations or dealings with the buyer and their solicitor.

Transferring property

Transferring property between groups or individuals involves a lot of administrative work and requires meticulous document handling. When you work with Entry Conveyancing, your conveyancer will manage this process from start to finish, ensuring that the transfer is smooth sailing. There’s a reason that we’re the number one choice for conveyancing in Western Sydney – we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Buying in Western Sydney

If you’re looking to purchase property in Western Sydney, it’s important to work with a conveyancer that you can trust. Entry Conveyancing provide just that. We’ll ensure that all complexities across contracts, documentation, and legal administration is well and truly taken care of so that you can worry about finding the perfect new house.

We’ll assess the property and examine the sales contract for anything that might affect you before or after settlement, including unpaid rates or taxes owned on the property. Additionally, your solicitor will research local government records for any planned developments or unresolved land disputes in the local area that could affect the value of your property down the line.

Entry Conveyancing is familiar with the level of flexibility NSW residents have in annulling their purchase with minimal penalty. As our client, we’ll make sure that you’re aware and understanding of any clauses in the Contract of Sale and guide your informed decision to proceed with the purchase of your new Western Sydney property.

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Our team of conveyancers offer an astute understanding of NSW property law and the legal processes surrounding the transfer of ownership. Such understanding has been developed over decades, providing a level of skills and knowledge previously unseen in other conveyancing companies. We’ve built a committed and progressive workforce – dedication is a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this process take?

The length of the conveyancing process will be dependent on the parties involved. As a general guide, Entry Conveyancing speculates the standard settlement period lasting anywhere between 4 – 6 weeks following the exchange of contracts. However, alternative settlement terms can be negotiated between the buyer and the seller prior to confirming the contract. If both parties are willing to settle over a shorter period, then Entry Conveyancing will ensure everything is ready on our end to make this happen.


What do your fixed fee services include?

Entry Conveyancing’s services are organised under a fixed-fee basis; this means you won’t be liable for any hidden costs or added fees when choosing us to do your conveyancing in Western Sydney. Our team are fully licensed and experienced in the legal aspect of the conveyancing industry. Our services are flexible – both first-time home buyers and investment property owners in Western Sydney will benefit from working with Entry Conveyancing.

When will I need a conveyancer?

If you’re buying a property in Western Sydney, it’s important to discuss your property purchase with a conveyancer as soon as possible – preferably before signing the contract of sale. The next step is to discuss your intention to purchase with your mortgage broker or lender. From there, your conveyancer can negotiate the contract of sale before you sign – if you have already signed, we may be able to negotiate within the cooling-off period.

If you’re selling your Western Sydney property, it’s essential to get your contract ready as soon as possible with the help of a conveyancer. As soon as you decide to sell, you should engage the services of an Entry Conveyancer Western Sydney to prepare your contract and have our team assist your real estate agent in marketing and selling the property. From the moment it goes up for sale to the closing of the deal, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

What’s involved in the conveyancing process?

The conveyancing process usually involves the following steps:

  • Preparing and lodging relevant legal documents
  • Clarifying legal terms to clients
  • Research the background of the property and title certificate.
  • Calculate and inform you of any adjustments arising from rates or taxes.
  • Ensuring on-time payment of land tax, water consumption charges and other relevant dues.
  • Settle the property on your behalf
  • Make sure any agreed-upon conditions within the contract are then satisfied.

The conveyancing process has just one end goal – transferring legal ownership from seller to buyer.

Conveyancing work begins when the contract for sale has been received. In most instances, this is when the seller’s agent has sent a signed copy of the contract to the purchasing party’s conveyancing agent. Once this has been signed by both parties, conveyancing work begins to transfer the ownership of the property to the other party.

Are your conveyancers in Western Sydney solicitors?

Yes – at Entry Conveyancing, we operate with solicitors who specialise in property law and conveyancing. Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with all matters regarding property legalities and can provide expert assistance across all types of properties in Western Sydney.