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Looking for an expert conveyancer in Melton that you can trust during your property journey? You’ve come to the right place. Entry Conveyancing are Victoria’s leading providers of reliable, cost-effective, and trustworthy conveyancing solicitors.

Located just 37 kilometres west of Melbourne’s CBD, Melton is fast becoming one of the most sought after residential areas. There are great schools, a variety of commercial shops, and easy access to the city – perfect for singles, families, and retired couples. Whether you’re buying a new property on the Melton property market, inheriting property from a family member, or selling your beloved Melton home, Entry Conveyancing are here to ensure the entire transaction process of your property is smooth sailing.

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Our professional fees for buying and selling are $995 incl. GST (fixed) + disbursements costs. For transfers is $660 incl. GST + disbursements costs. Get an instant free quote below and find out the disbursements costs. You’ll be surprised by our affordable fees.

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Buying property in Melton

When it comes time to purchase a property, there’s no one more prepared than Entry Conveyancing. We tailor our Melton services to each client, ensuring everyone is given the most relevant advice for their future Melton property. We understand that buying a new house can be highly stressful and emotional, which is why we go to great lengths to reduce strain, allowing you to focus on all the other important, time-consuming tasks.

Selling your Melton home

We understand how hard it can be to sell your beloved property and recognise the intangible value attached to the property you’re selling – which is why our conveyancing lawyers are committed to providing considered, genuine, and experience-backed advice on every decision. Sell your property with confidence with Entry Conveyancing Melton.

Transferring property

Entry Conveyancing can help with all types of property transfer requests. Whether it be family related, updating, adding, or removing names from a property tiles, change of ownership arrangement, or a change in financial circumstances, our conveyancing solicitors will ensure that transferring your Melton property to its new owner is a breeze.

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With just a few simple details, we’ll be able to deliver personalised legal advice and conveyancing services on your Melton home.

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Our team of conveyancers in Melton have an astute understanding of conveyancing services, Victorian property law, and the legal processes surrounding transfer of ownership. Such understanding has been developed over decades, providing a level of skills and knowledge previously unseen in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. We’ve built a committed and progressive workforce – dedication and exceptional customer service is a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions


What services do your conveyancers offer?

The Entry Conveyancing Melton team can help at all stages of a property transaction. That means our range of commercial conveyancing services extend to support across:

  • Purchasing property
  • Selling property
  • Property transfer from one family member to another
  • Contract review
  • Commercial purchases and sales
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Preparation of contract


How long does it take?

The Melton conveyancing process will be dependent on the parties involved and whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring.

Generally speaking, we estimate that the standard settlement period is about 4 – 6 weeks following the exchange of contracts. However, alternative settlement terms can be negotiated between the buyer and the seller prior to the contract being drawn up. If both parties are willing to settle over a shorter period, then we’ll make sure we’ve got everything down to ensure this can happen!

Do I need to hire a conveyancer for a property in Melton?

It is not a legal requirement to hire a conveyancer in Victoria. While it may seem easy enough to do your own conveyancing (especially when it means potentially saving a few dollars), conveyancing is a complicated process that requires the expert assistance of a lawyer, or an experienced conveyancer.

The benefit of engaging a conveyancer or conveyancing lawyers is that they will be able to ensure the entire process if smooth – from legal documentation, to negotiation, to contract preparation, and managing settlement. Selling or purchasing property is a legal process – it is better to be safe and hire an expert, than be sorry and end up having to pay the price later on.

What happens at property settlement?

Settlement of property refers to the legal process necessary for the transfer of ownership from one party to another. Buyers, sellers, solicitors, and banks are all involved in the settlement process.

The length of the settlement process varies from state to state and property to property; however, as a rough guide, it will generally be around 30 to 90 days.

On settlement day, the purchasers’ bank will provide the funds needed to purchase the commercial or residential property to the buyers’ agent or solicitor, and in return, receive the Certificate of Title from the seller’s bank. Keys can then be handed over to the purchaser, as long as all other agreements listed in the contracts have been met. From here, the buyer’s bank registers the relevant documentation and mortgage, notifying services such as electricity and water of the change. And voilà – the process is complete.

How much does it cost to hire a conveyancer?

Costs depend on the conveyancing services required. However, our conveyancing Melton services operate on a structured on a fixed-fee basis, meaning there’s no hidden costs or extra fees once we’re across whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring property. What you see is what you get; you’ll be able to budget with more confidence. We get things done without fuss or fluff – get started straight away with no commitments and a free quote!

At what stage should I engage a conveyancer?

As soon as you’ve decided to buy, sell, or transfer property in Melton, you should contact a conveyancer immediately to set up a pre-purchase contract review for your property journey. As with anything, the quicker you start, the better! Starting off right away will also make the conveyancers’ life easier as they’ll have more time to prepare all necessary legal documentation.