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Redfern is one of the most populous suburbs in Sydney, bursting with residential and investment potential. Sidling the foodie-favourite neighbourhood of Surry Hills, and providing the entry way to the Inner West, Redfern’s convenient distance to the CBD and remaining old-world charm makes it one of the most sought after areas.

Redfern is popular among city workers, young families, students, and Sydney-siders that have championed the suburb for decades.

If you’re looking to buy, sell, or transfer property in Redfern, you’ve come to the right place. Entry Conveyancing are Sydney’s leading provider of conveyancing services, offering experienced professionals who can help you with all property legalities involved.

We make the process of a property transaction as simple as possible.

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Our professional fees for buying and selling are $995 incl. GST (fixed) + disbursements costs. For transfers is $660 incl. GST + disbursements costs. Get an instant free quote below and find out the disbursements costs. You’ll be surprised by our affordable fees.

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Our Redfern conveyancing services

Buying in Redfern

If you’re looking for a conveyancer in Redfern, Surry Hills, Darlington, Darlinghurst, Waterloo, or in Sydney’s CBD area, Entry Conveyancing are here to help. Our conveyancers in Redfern in solicitors, which means that you can go into your property purchase with confidence in the knowledge that all legal documentation is well and truly taken care of.

We understand that the process of buying a new property can be both exciting and stressful. That’s why we aim to provide a conveyancer Redfern service that takes the stress away from the legalities of the property transaction.

Selling in the inner city

Selling your property in Redfern or in one of the suburbs in inner Sydney? We get it – it can be tough to sell your beloved property; we recognise the intangible value attached to the home you’ve inhabited over the years. As such, we’re committed to providing the most efficient, effective, and experience-backed conveyancing services so that you can spend less time dealing with paperwork, and more time finding your next home.

Transferring your Redfern property

We can help with all property transfers in Redfern and Sydney. Whether you need to transfer the title of a property for family related reasons, you’re updating the title, removing names, have a change of ownership agreement, or a change in financial circumstances, we’re here to help. Entry Conveyancing will make the transfer of your Redfern property title a breeze.

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Our team of conveyancers have an astute understanding of NSW property law and the legal processes surrounding the transfer of ownership. Such understanding has been developed over decades, providing a level of skills and knowledge previously unseen in Redfern conveyancing companies. We’ve built a committed and progressive workforce – dedication is a guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Redfern conveyancer help me?

Whether you’re buying, selling, or transferring property, it’s important to work with a conveyancing solicitor to ensure all legalities are appropriately taken care of.

The Entry Conveyancing Redfern team can help at all stages of a property transaction. Here’s where we can step in:

  • Purchasing property
  • Selling property
  • Transferring property from one family member to another
  • Contract review
  • Commercial purchases and sales
  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Preparation of contract

Are the Entry Conveyancers solicitors?

Yes – the Redfern conveyancing team at Entry Conveyancing are qualified and practicing property solicitors who specialise in providing residential and commercial conveyancing.

How does conveyancing work?

  • The seller hires a conveyancer or property solicitor to handle the legal elements of the sale
  • The seller’s conveyancer will then prepare the necessary legal documents, including the contract of sale
  • The buyer engages a conveyancer to review the contract of sale and ensure that all interests are protected
  • The conveyancers or solicitors may negotiate any required updates to the contract of sale on behalf of the buyer and seller
  • The conveyancer acting for the buyer will conduct all necessary searches to ensure there are not outstanding debts or legal issues with the property
  • Once the contract has been signed off by both parties, the conveyancers will then arrange the transfer of ownership
  • The conveyancer for the buyer will prepare the necessary documentation for the conveyancer to receive the funds for the purchase price of the property
  • The conveyancer acting on behalf of the seller will need to follow up and pay any outstanding debts or fees associated to the property, before transferring ownership to the buyer
  • The buyer’s conveyancer will need to register the transfer of ownership and provide a proof of ownership
  • Voilà! The property transaction is complete

What is transfer duty?

Transfer duty is another term used for stamp duty. Also known as property transfer tax, transfer duty refers to the tax that is levied on the transfer of ownership of a property. It is generally paid by the buyer of the property and is calculated based on the value of property.

Transfer duty/stamp duty can vary depending on where you’re located and any government grants. Transfer duty will be paid to the government at the time of the property transaction. It is the conveyancer’s duty to handle this part of the process and will typically ensure that the transfer duty is paid off by the buyer.

How quickly can conveyancing be completed?

The timeframe of conveyancing really comes down to the property transaction itself. Generally, the conveyancing process for a standard sale or purchase will take around 6 weeks. Some conveyancing transactions may take less – 2-3 weeks – and others may take up to 6 months. Ultimately it will come down to the other parties involved, including the real estate agents, purchasers, sellers, financiers, and property solicitors.

Can I do my own conveyancing?

It is possible for individuals to complete the conveyancing process on their own, but it is generally recommended that a licensed conveyancer or property solicitor is engaged to handle the legal aspects of a property transaction. This is primarily due to the fact that there are lot of complicated legal procedures during the conveyancing process that can have financial consequences if not completed correctly.